Mar 31, 2009

Photography Communities Worth Visiting

There are thousands of web pages today were you can find for free or buy stock photos. You can find great dill of Royalty free photos and use them in commercial or other reasons. The quality of the commercial uploaded photograph and the ones that are there with reason to promote your self as a photographer is very different thing. Maybe 50% of these people (photographers amateur/professional/creatives) are the same promoters and sellers of photos in the same time but the Royalty issue is not the same. This is the main difference between web sites that sell stock photos and the ones that are community of photographers. We have photo store and photo gallery which is the big distinction. I visit often this Photography community web sites to inspire my soul and I recommend you do also. is an online community with hundreds of thousands of active members and many more casual viewers visiting daily. This site includes anyone interested in becoming a better photographer, plus many folks who show up just looking for great images. Once you are registered, you may post photos in the Gallery, comments and ratings on photos, questions and responses in the Forums, classified ads, opinions and reviews of photography equipment, and comments on most of the articles on the site.

Photo-inside is a website made for artists in the fields of design and photography. It's goal is to combine various art forms into one site, showcasing an eclectic group of talented individuals, thus making use of the uniqueness on the Internet and providing a resourceful guide for all readers. Photo-inside brings together photographers and designers from all around the world and provides them a platform for open expression.

EyeFetch is a place for Artists and Photographers to meet and enjoy their love for Art and Photography.

PhotoPoints is also a great community of photographers that should be visited.

One click image hosting for free

Several web services were you can upload images for free in few steps. Except the computer, you can upload images from mobile phone or other Internet using device. Every bitmap format or music/video file can be uploaded. The maximum file size can be from 1 to 5 megabytes with no limited bandwidth. This also can help you cut down on bandwidth costs, easy-to-use and powerful image hosting services.

ImageShack is one of the oldest and the most popular image hosting website on the Internet. After the file is uploaded, the user is redirected to a page containing different versions of URLs to the uploaded image. These URLs are preformatted in a variety of HTML or Bulletin Board snippets, which can be used to hotlink them on websites, blogs and message boards. Today ImageShack serves over 100,000 concurrent user requests during peak operation.

TinyPic is a photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on MySpace, Facebook, blogs, and message boards. Registration is not required. TinyPic provide you with a simple URL (e.g. that will point to your video or image.

imgPlace allows 20 files to be uploaded at once. 100 megabyte upload limit for all 20 images combined. Max. 3 megabyte limit per file. No bandwidth limit and no registration required.

FreeImageHosting is great hosting service but is limited to GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats. File size limit is 3 megabytes and registration is not required.

Mar 30, 2009

Digital Arts Communities Web Sites

Today art have conquered in the digital field (Computer Generated Graphics) and in very strong form is leveled as most flexible, easiest and cheapest way to promote your work due to the internet. Many artists all over the world gather in these art communities web sites to submit there work. These 5 art communities web sites are great resources/way to find/promote matte paint, 3D work, drawings, fine art, character creation, comic books etc.


This is the most popular and the most exploit art community web site ever. Over millions members deviant art growth in one of the most resourcful and inspirational digital arts showcase. Join the largest art community in the world!

Matte painters hideout for sure. The people and the work they do here is amazing. Except the art, you'll find great resources, tutorials and recommendation for start in painting and fine art. Many movie producers chose this site for a concept artist recomendation often and the game industry use it too.

Web community of artists that showcase work, art education and creativity. This web site is real thing for creative people to embrace the digital art.

GFX Artist

Real daily dose of illustrations, paintings, photographs and more digital arts at the GFXartist web page. Great community of members that are creating digital art with classy touch.


Fantasy for all, wonderful world of legend inhabited by elves, faeries, dragons and other mythical beasts. You get the point...

Mar 29, 2009

4 Greatest Comic Book Big-screen Success

This short list is my choice about comic books super heroes and their success in the big screen. This means that the comics are worth to read not to watch, but here is my view about the ones that are good to watch.

V for Vendetta

This adaptation of an Alan Moore graphic novel about the multilayer plot of a drably totalitarian Britain was simplified to something a little closer to a standard superhero tale. The screenplay, written by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix), created the adaptation for a sharp cartoon strip to look fair in the flesh directed by James McTeigue.


The most-filmed superhero property, not least because his main powers are a good deal of determination and a huge amount of disposable wealth, both of which are comparatively easy to fake on film. But I must say that The Dark Knight is one great achievement to get close to comic book effect.


Christopher Reeve’s ability to switch between bumbling everyman Clark Kent and saintly Kal-El is what made the first two episodes of 1980s Superman franchise the best-loved superhero movies of all time. The recent Brandon Routh reboot has taken a reverent approach to Reeve’s iconic characterization but the addition of a Super-baby bodes ill for the integration of The Blue Boy Scout into the new pantheon of ‘serious’ comic book movie stars.


After a reasonable attempt at a big-screen transfer in the 1970s, Spider-Man finally made a successful leap onto celluloid in 2002, with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi establishing a kinetic, computer-driven style that connected with comic-book geeks and regular cinema-goers alike. There’s no doubt that the studio money men will push for a fourth film in the series.