Mar 30, 2009

Digital Arts Communities Web Sites

Today art have conquered in the digital field (Computer Generated Graphics) and in very strong form is leveled as most flexible, easiest and cheapest way to promote your work due to the internet. Many artists all over the world gather in these art communities web sites to submit there work. These 5 art communities web sites are great resources/way to find/promote matte paint, 3D work, drawings, fine art, character creation, comic books etc.


This is the most popular and the most exploit art community web site ever. Over millions members deviant art growth in one of the most resourcful and inspirational digital arts showcase. Join the largest art community in the world!

Matte painters hideout for sure. The people and the work they do here is amazing. Except the art, you'll find great resources, tutorials and recommendation for start in painting and fine art. Many movie producers chose this site for a concept artist recomendation often and the game industry use it too.

Web community of artists that showcase work, art education and creativity. This web site is real thing for creative people to embrace the digital art.

GFX Artist

Real daily dose of illustrations, paintings, photographs and more digital arts at the GFXartist web page. Great community of members that are creating digital art with classy touch.


Fantasy for all, wonderful world of legend inhabited by elves, faeries, dragons and other mythical beasts. You get the point...

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