Nov 29, 2009

Give it a try, Ubuntu 9.10

This release of Ubuntu numbered 9.10, named Karmic Koala shows that is created with the top world class technology used today. It's clean, simple and the graphic desktop interface (Gnome and KDE) run fine on older machines. This most popular Debian based distribution is very modest in system requirements. This means that you can use it on whatever hardware you run into that has at least 700 MHz processor implemented in it.

Recommended Requirements:

  • 700 MHz x86 processor
  • 384 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • Sound card
  • Network/Internet connection
The default software installed is followed by OpenOffice.prg, Pidgin and easy connection to services such as Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL and others. After trying this release Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala I realized that Linux based OS is more and more accessible to the average user today. Is both compatible for the beginners and for the Linux gurus as well. But this video will tell you more...

Nov 26, 2009

Open Source House

You are about to witness a quantum leap in design and accessibility of housing in developing countries. The event is the birth of an open source on the web that offers professional designs for affordable, durable, modular and climate-specific houses. The designs are brought in by architects from all over the world and are continually under construction in search of the solutions most suitable to the needs and preferences of the local buyers and future owners of these houses.

We want to make knowledge and creativity in housing accessible to a large group of people and are looking for architects to bring in new ideas. Welcome to Open Source House.

Web site OpenSourceHouse

Nov 25, 2009

What is reality?

If we go inside the atom, the very nucleus that this universe is created from, and if we zoom in very, very deep will go inside this other universe that also does not have borders!? So we come to conclusion that reality is only that what is based on perceptions. I don't know what I've just said now but it came to me... :0. This perception of reality that we perceive, is received by the senses. I definitely cannot explain this in plane English, but some people tried to explain, and one of them is Immanual Kant. Kant is German influential philosopher of modern Europe in 18th-century, the classic sequence of the theory of knowledge during the Enlightenment beginning with thinkers John Locke, George Berkeley, and David Hume.

He explained:

All the preparations of reason, therefore, in what may be called pure philosophy, are in reality directed to those three problems only [God, the soul, and freedom]. However, these three elements in themselves still hold independent, proportional, objective weight individually. Moreover, in a collective relational context; namely, to know what ought to be done: if the will is free, if there is a God, and if there is a future world. As this concerns our actions with reference to the highest aims of life, we see that the ultimate intention of nature in her wise provision was really, in the constitution of our reason, directed to moral interests only.

If you understand what he just said up there, please do comment to explain to us...?

And further element to the puzzle is this video documentary about the reality and atom. 'Atom: The Illusion Of Reality' is a BBC Documentary on the nature of reality, the emptiness of an atom and all matter, parallel universes where different versions of us exist and the seemingly emptiness of space which really isn't empty at all.

Nov 23, 2009

Why we are created from carbon?

This is the most interesting question for scientists and ordinary people who have any idea what are we made of. If we go deeper and deeper in our material craftsmanship, we'll see what does it takes to construct a living creature. We are made of atom!? Yes, but which atom is the most interesting part.

The universe consists of:

1. hydrogen (H) 70.0 %;
2. helium (He) 28.0%;
3. oxygen (O) 0.92 %;
4. carbon (C) 0.34 %;
5. nitrogen (N) 0.12 %.

All living creatures on Earth are created by this elements, without helium. The most abundant in the universe is the hydrogen! In Latin "Hydrogenium", derives from the Greek words "hydro" - water and "genes" - born. Hydrogen on the Earth is most abundant in water and forms of chemical compounds such as hydrocarbons.
In General all this elements are also known as the four elements of life: water (hydrogen), fire (oxygen), earth (carbon) and air (nitrogen). The Earth atmosphere (the garden of life) is consisted from 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. And we also know that when something burns it oxidize. The marriage of this two (nitrogen-oxygen) are one part of the conditions of life, and water with carbon are the other part where water is the dominant element, so this is why Earth is known as watery planet.
The chemical combination is taking place thanks to carbon, only carbon atoms have four arms for bonding and are able to combine with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon in various manners. As a result, a variety of organic molecules with different chemical reactions and functions would be created. It is, however, not easy to bond small molecules together and create polymers. External energy or some catalysts are necessary to do that. So this organic molecules are combined in Polymers and this Polymers gather together and create the functions of life. The organic molecules, whose main structures are made of carbon atoms, seem to polymerize and become complicated polymer substances such as protein and DNA.

In plain English: Humans are created from big amount of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and other smaller amounts of other elements and compounds. A child life before is born starts in water for 9 months where goes through the entire evolution of life that is found on Earth and is born as Amphibian. This combination is the most complex organ combined with all this ingredients that are part of everything in this Universe. This complex community does not last long, but while lasts the manager (WE/OUR SELF) should give it an unconditional-great time full of life. The most usual communication with this system is the instinct, intuition, inner voice, guts, hart, soul and etc. Everything else is orders by the manager...

You do the mathematics now!