May 29, 2009

Designer, Client, Relationship

As a Designer and creative services giver I see the work process from different angle. Usually when a Graphic Designer (from any category: web, artist, 3D, animator, illustrator, matter, photographer etc.) works at some agency the Client contact is obtained from other person, this is Client Service person, or Project Manager. The first brief/quest from the Client is given to this Client Service (CS) person and after that filtration the Designer gets the work brief that he needs in order to get the job done. But usually the CS person do not get the real idea or the real need that the Client is asking for. So the Designer will receive wrong brief and the job is not done as it should be and continues in send and receive preview, fix this, not that, maybe this font, another color etc. This leads to conflict with the Client - Designer and should be prevented in first place. Also the Client doesn't want to be bombarded with the way of his request is created. The Client should be focused 70% on his business and 30% on his presentation/marketing, not opposite. Usually the Client tells what he wants with the first brief and after that he should receive his product (creative work) done with the real story from the medium or the communication from that design work. My opinion is that the first brief should get the Designer along with the CS person. Or if is written (by e-mail) than the Designer should receive the original e-mail from the Client. The Designer knows what to do after that. Also the Designer can educate the Client how to carry out his service in order to get the most of it. The Designer also knows what colors to use, font, photo, logo and corporate materials, nor the CS or the Client knows this better. I don't want to attack the CS person, just the opposite, if this is done the stress will be reduced to a minimal level and the time needed for the project will be at least 50% shorter.

Some Designers does not want to communicate with Clients but they should consider finding a quality/qualified Client Service person.