Mar 29, 2009

4 Greatest Comic Book Big-screen Success

This short list is my choice about comic books super heroes and their success in the big screen. This means that the comics are worth to read not to watch, but here is my view about the ones that are good to watch.

V for Vendetta

This adaptation of an Alan Moore graphic novel about the multilayer plot of a drably totalitarian Britain was simplified to something a little closer to a standard superhero tale. The screenplay, written by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix), created the adaptation for a sharp cartoon strip to look fair in the flesh directed by James McTeigue.


The most-filmed superhero property, not least because his main powers are a good deal of determination and a huge amount of disposable wealth, both of which are comparatively easy to fake on film. But I must say that The Dark Knight is one great achievement to get close to comic book effect.


Christopher Reeve’s ability to switch between bumbling everyman Clark Kent and saintly Kal-El is what made the first two episodes of 1980s Superman franchise the best-loved superhero movies of all time. The recent Brandon Routh reboot has taken a reverent approach to Reeve’s iconic characterization but the addition of a Super-baby bodes ill for the integration of The Blue Boy Scout into the new pantheon of ‘serious’ comic book movie stars.


After a reasonable attempt at a big-screen transfer in the 1970s, Spider-Man finally made a successful leap onto celluloid in 2002, with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi establishing a kinetic, computer-driven style that connected with comic-book geeks and regular cinema-goers alike. There’s no doubt that the studio money men will push for a fourth film in the series.

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