Mar 31, 2009

One click image hosting for free

Several web services were you can upload images for free in few steps. Except the computer, you can upload images from mobile phone or other Internet using device. Every bitmap format or music/video file can be uploaded. The maximum file size can be from 1 to 5 megabytes with no limited bandwidth. This also can help you cut down on bandwidth costs, easy-to-use and powerful image hosting services.

ImageShack is one of the oldest and the most popular image hosting website on the Internet. After the file is uploaded, the user is redirected to a page containing different versions of URLs to the uploaded image. These URLs are preformatted in a variety of HTML or Bulletin Board snippets, which can be used to hotlink them on websites, blogs and message boards. Today ImageShack serves over 100,000 concurrent user requests during peak operation.

TinyPic is a photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on MySpace, Facebook, blogs, and message boards. Registration is not required. TinyPic provide you with a simple URL (e.g. that will point to your video or image.

imgPlace allows 20 files to be uploaded at once. 100 megabyte upload limit for all 20 images combined. Max. 3 megabyte limit per file. No bandwidth limit and no registration required.

FreeImageHosting is great hosting service but is limited to GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats. File size limit is 3 megabytes and registration is not required.

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