Mar 31, 2009

Photography Communities Worth Visiting

There are thousands of web pages today were you can find for free or buy stock photos. You can find great dill of Royalty free photos and use them in commercial or other reasons. The quality of the commercial uploaded photograph and the ones that are there with reason to promote your self as a photographer is very different thing. Maybe 50% of these people (photographers amateur/professional/creatives) are the same promoters and sellers of photos in the same time but the Royalty issue is not the same. This is the main difference between web sites that sell stock photos and the ones that are community of photographers. We have photo store and photo gallery which is the big distinction. I visit often this Photography community web sites to inspire my soul and I recommend you do also. is an online community with hundreds of thousands of active members and many more casual viewers visiting daily. This site includes anyone interested in becoming a better photographer, plus many folks who show up just looking for great images. Once you are registered, you may post photos in the Gallery, comments and ratings on photos, questions and responses in the Forums, classified ads, opinions and reviews of photography equipment, and comments on most of the articles on the site.

Photo-inside is a website made for artists in the fields of design and photography. It's goal is to combine various art forms into one site, showcasing an eclectic group of talented individuals, thus making use of the uniqueness on the Internet and providing a resourceful guide for all readers. Photo-inside brings together photographers and designers from all around the world and provides them a platform for open expression.

EyeFetch is a place for Artists and Photographers to meet and enjoy their love for Art and Photography.

PhotoPoints is also a great community of photographers that should be visited.

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