Apr 23, 2009

Why to start a blog?

This question is usually floating around in our heads in random form and time. I've asked my self the same question. After reading bunch of blogs from the most popular bloggers on the Internet I'll separate the reasons to start a blog in 5 categories:

  • Personal (for the people that know me and some relatives)
  • Fun (do some blogging from time to time and have fun doing it)
  • Profit (passionate blogger will do post for any reason - every day)
  • Self promotion (I do blog and have services to sell)
  • Competent (professional advice in the specilized area)

This categories are usually recognized on the Internet. There are other reasons too but this are the main in my opinion.

Personal, this sort of blogging use people who will blog for documentation purposes, holiday pictures, bad day at work, birthday party at my friend, etc. This sort of blog is good and comfy and is read by small group of people as it meant to.

Fun way of having a blog is also personal and interesting cos this writers usually do not care what kind of people read the blog, they just want to get it out in the open. Let's have fun!

Profit is one of the hardest ways for starting a blog, but many people succeeded, so can you. More for this you can find at www.problogger.net great advices and much, much more.

Self promotion is very simple. I'm a freelance designer (programer, writter, photographer etc.) and my portfolio and services are great, but my web site is not popular. So to atract some action and readers (and clients also) I better start a blog that will be implement in my web site and use it for self promtion. Freelanceswitch published this post about: 6 Reasons Why Freelancers Should Have a Niche Blog, by the way I like blogging too, just not often, from time to time.

Competent advice is pro blog usualy supported by some Corporation or News portal where people who have proven there knowladge in the specilized area give advices, useful stuff and tips for readers. Can be personal powered or under some corporation. This guys are usually the moving power in the digital world.

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